Saturday, December 3, 2011

November 2011 In and Out


♥ Revlon Translucent Powder in shade 01

♥ ELF Eyeshadow Primer

♥ My first make-up gig experience

♥ Nishido Lip Liner in Rosette

♥ The song "Just tonight" by The Pretty Reckless

♥ Hoodies (they are so comfy)

♥ New Guess wallet

♥ Green tea

♥ Me and my friends are all booked for Bangkok in June 2012.


☠ New AC at the office

☠ New Moon Part 1 Movie (It doesn't do the book justice)

☠ Victoria Secret 2011 Fashion Show (2010 was better, the music sucked in 2011)

☠ Acne scarring (I have a lot of really visible acne scars)

☠ Too much shopping (It is fun but bad for the wallet)

☠ Weight gain, my hormones have not yet stabilized so I'm still bloated

☠ Dessert binging, its so yummy but it makes me feel really troubled after.

☠ November at the office, there were a lot birthday celebration in November which contributed to my weight gain.

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